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“I came upon Kings Creek Therapeutic Massage and Mr. Foley a few years ago when I was experiencing back and neck pain. I was looking for a professional massage from a well experienced massage therapist and Paul Foley is someone who has over 25 years in the business. I was convinced I made an excellent choice following the very first session. He introduced me to craniosacral therapy. In addition to traditional massage, it has made a great difference in my overall well-being. Paul Foley exemplifies everything you could hope to find in an experienced professional massage therapist. I would very highly recommend him, and frequently do, to anyone needing the benefits of an excellent massage.”

-Roxanna Gomez, Registered Nurse


“I’ve received bodywork from Paul for several years for both acute conditions and preventative maintenance. His craniosacral therapy is surely above the best I’ve ever experienced and I should know since I’m a massage therapist myself!“

-Paula, LMT


“Paul’s massages have not only helped me with my pain, but since coming to him I am more aware of my posture. And I have learned to avoid certain things that aggravate my condition. His easy-going personality and sense of humor are part of what makes the session so relaxing and helps to relieve the stress of my profession.”

-Mirza Collazo, Teacher


“I have been going to Paul Foley at Kings Creek Therapeutic Massage for almost 20 years. I began going to see Paul on a regular basis after I was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome. With maintaining a good diet and continuing to see Paul on a regular basis I was able to stop taking all medication permanently. In more recent years I saw Paul during both of my pregnancies and truly feel that including craniosacral therapy as part of my prenatal regiment contributed to the overall health and well-being of my children.”

-Kimberly Gorrin, 6/24/2011


“I have been coming to Paul for treatment for several years. He treated me for many conditions including chronic sinusitis, fibromyalgia and arthritis. His treatments help to relax my muscles and restore balance to my system. Paul’s treatments are an important part of my personal healthcare regimen.”

-Marilyn R. Skow, Florida International University Theatre Department Chair


“I have been going to Paul Foley for number of years for my back and sometimes for other problems, and [ he has never failed to put everything in line along with very long-lasting results]. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has pain [ in] any particular part of their body and they will find relief very quickly.”

-Marian Krutulis, Principal of Gulliver Schools


“I began going to Paul for treatment after a car accident. I tried other therapies but had no real relief until Paul treated me. He knew exactly what needed to be done to relieve the pain I was feeling. He is a master in his craft and I recommend him highly to everyone I know. Definitely worth the long drive!”

-Regina Orms


“Paul is a wonderful massage therapist! I have neck issues and every [session], my neck feels better and so do my shoulders and lower back!”

-Samantha Phillips


“I find the craniosacral treatment to be a lasting form of treatment as opposed to the regular massage in that the benefits can be felt for several days. I feel Paul addresses any bodily concerns and that treatment and conversation helps me understand what is occurring in my body and suggests ways to improve my well-being. Definitely a consistent schedule of craniosacral treatments helps me maintain my physical well-being.”

-Ron Cordes, Retired


“My neck was causing me excruciating pain and was virtually immobile. Paul provided immediate relief from both conditions and follow-up visits have maintained these extraordinary improvements in my life.”

-Lee B Brown

“I began receiving treatments from Paul in 1992, shortly after hurricane Andrew, an especially stressful time for me. I have subsequently received weekly treatments ever since. As an important part of a relatively healthful lifestyle, I have Paul to thank for many illness free and pain-free years.”

-Vicki Brown

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